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Inspection & Authentication

The Lotus Cortina Register is authorised by the DVLA to conduct this service. We offer this to members and non-members alike (with discounts for our members).

We recommend that any prospective purchasers of a Lotus Cortina always make contact with us first, to check out the Registration Number and Chassis Number, and to find out what information we may hold on the vehicle.

We will disclose whatever we can about the vehicle (subject to restrictions by the Data Protection Act). If the vehicle has been inspected, we will pass this on. If we hold details but the vehicle has not been inspected, then we always recommend that an inspection takes place prior to purchase.

The LCR holding details of the vehicle does not necessarily imply that the vehicle is correct. Only an inspection can confirm the originality.


The Lotus Cortina Register is authorised by the DVLA to inspect Lotus Cortinas to confirm originality, and to complete the V765 form, enabling vehicles to regain their original registration number if they have dropped off of the DVLA’s system.


We offer an insurance valuation for Lotus Cortinas. We cannot offer a valuation from photographs, but we only have to inspect the vehicle once, then the value can simply be adjusted for subsequent years.

(We use a matrix to arrive at a percentage value for the vehicle. This is then converted into a monetary value, based on the current selling prices of Lotus Cortinas. Once we have the percentage value, we can then adjust the value of the vehicle in forthcoming years, dependent on the selling prices at that time.)


We do have to make a combined charge for the inspection and valuation, as they go hand-in-hand.

For LCR MembersFor Non-Members
Base Cost£50£100
Mileage Surcharge45p per mile45p per mile
Travel Time Surcharge£15 per hour£15 per hour

For some long-distance inspections, it may preferable that we travel by air or by train. Over the past years, we have inspected vehicles across England, along with Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Norway & the USA.